Certified documents for admission to UWA

Who can certify a document for UWA admission requirements?

If you need to submit certified copies of your documents to accompany an online application to UWA, the people on the following list are UWA approved authorities who can certify your documents by:

  • Writing 'This is a true copy of the original document sighted by me'
  • Signing the statement
  • Printing their name, address, contact telephone number, profession or occupation, organisation, and date verified
  • Including the official stamp or seal of the verifier's organisation on the copy, if the organisation has such a stamp

Approved authorities in Australia
An authorised officer at:

  • Admissions office or an academic staff member at any Australian University
  • Assessment centre at any TAFE college
  • Official records department of the institution that originally issued the documents
  • TISC
  • Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre
  • South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre
  • Universities Admissions Centre (NSW and ACT)
  • Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre
  • UWA Representatives

Anyone who is currently employed as an:

  • Accountant, member of the Institute of Charted Accountants in Australia or CPA Australia or the National Institute of Accountants or the Association of Taxation and Management Accountants or Registered Tax Agents
  • Bank manager
  • Barrister, solicitor or patent attorney
  • Commissioner of declarations
  • Credit union branch manager
  • Justice of the Peace
  • Medical practitioner
  • Pharmacist
  • Police officer in charge of a police station or of the rank of sergeant and above
  • Postal manager
  • Principal of an Australian secondary college, high school or primary school

Approved authorities overseas

  • Australian overseas diplomatic mission and Australian educational centres
  • Notary Public
  • Official records department of the institution that originally issued the documents
  • UWA Representatives

Note: You or your immediate family members cannot certify your documents, even if you or they belong to one of the categories listed above.

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