Credit points explained

What are credit points?

The University assigns a credit point value to each unit of study. Each unit is normally worth six points but there are some exceptions to this rule. Credit points reflect a common measure of load in courses. The total number of credit points you have completed assists the University to calculate your course completion and satisfactory progress.

For more information on the University policy on credit points, please visit the Policies and Procedures website.

Standard Annual Full-time Enrolment
A standard full-time load usually consists of 48 points in one calendar year (24 points each semester).

Part-time Enrolment
Part-time enrolment for domestic students is enrolment in less than 36 points in one academic year (18 points in a semester). The availability of classes outside of working hours (i.e. after 5 pm) varies from faculty to faculty and is sometimes dependent on the course. If you are considering part-time study you should consult the academic timetable to see whether the units you need to complete are available at the times you are able to attend.

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