Benefits of a postgraduate qualification

What are the benefits of having a postgraduate qualification?

  • Advanced career prospects: According to the Postgraduate Destinations 2012 survey, completed by Graduate Careers Australia, graduates with postgraduate qualifications enter full-time positions faster than graduates with bachelors' degrees.
  • Enhanced career success and earning potential: Graduates with postgraduate qualifications are more likely to get promoted into higher paid positions.
  • Increased professional recognition.
  • Development of transferable skills: Amongst other things, a postgraduate qualification provides you with further analytical and problem solving skills that are transferable across all disciplines.
  • Increased international marketability: In many countries a postgraduate qualification is the norm for those in professional positions so your postgraduate study will enhance your networking on a broader and potentially global scale.
  • Entry-level requirement for certain roles: Megan Hopper, National President of the Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations (CAPA) explains that 'a postgraduate qualification is the minimum qualification required in many fields'. In senior business roles and fields of the law, postgraduate specialities can often be a minimum requirement. For academic careers a postgraduate qualification is essential.
  • A new career direction: You may feel that your current degree or qualification is not offering you adequate career opportunities, in which case gaining a further qualification may provide you with new career options.
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