Results review and appeal process for PSB students

I failed my Science unit at PSB Academy by a few marks. Can I appeal the results?

You cannot seek appeal simply because you have failed the unit by a few marks or simply to pass a unit. In fact, before you can appeal your results, you need to have undertaken an informal or formal review. If you have grounds for appeal you can then seek Stage 1 and Stage 2 reviews.

Information about the review and appeal process is available on the PSB current student webpage via the reviews and appeals drop down menu. This information is also detailed in the survival guide on Page 24. In the first instance, you can seek informal feedback from the Unit coordinator regarding your results. You can book a consultation with Dr. Honey NG - Director of the Offshore Science Programs offered at PSB Academy or with your Unit coordinator. If after informal feedback you think you have appropriate grounds, you may seek Stage 1 review of the final mark or grade as per the University Policy on Review and Appeal of Academic Decisions Relating to Students.

You must have appropriate grounds to seek Stage 1 review (refer to Schedule A). You can only seek a Stage 1 or Stage 2 review on grounds of irregularity in the marking process or irregularity in the review process itself; you cannot appeal the marks simply to achieve pass marks because you wish to graduate on time. Additionally, you are required to submit the Stage 1 review request within 5 university working days of the results being released.

If after Stage 1 and Stage 2 reviews, you feel you have appropriate grounds to seek an appeal as specified in Schedule B, you may proceed with the process for submitting an appeal within the appropriate deadlines as prescribed in the University Policy on Review and Appeal of Academic Decisions Relating to Students.

If you wish to discuss your options or if you need any further clarification or information regarding the Review and Appeals process/ policy, contact the Science Student Office.

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