Getting your bond back

How do I get my bond back for my rented accommodation?

If you paid a bond for rental accommodation, this money should have been lodged with the Bonds Administrator. The Residential Tenancies Act requires that tenancy bonds are lodged in this way. As a tenant you would expect to complete the form ‘Lodgement of Security Bond Money'. You must have also been given a receipt telling you where this money was lodged.  

After you have moved out you need to sign a 'Joint application for disposal of security bond' form to get the bond money released back to you (or whatever portion you are due to be refunded).

If you and a flat mate both signed a bond lodgement form, then both of you must also sign the 'Joint application for disposal of security bond' form.

Do NOT sign the 'Joint application for disposal of security bond' form if you are NOT happy with the charges your landlord or the agent wants deducted from your bond. NEVER SIGN A BLANK form. Make sure the amount to be paid to Tenant Direct and Direct Credit Request fields are filled in properly.

Information about Bonds and further advice can be found on our website.

TenancyWA and the Department of Commerce provide further information about Bonds which may be helpful to you.

If you are not a tenant, but a boarder or a lodger, you may simply have paid your bond money to your landlord. In which case the landlord should arrange for your bond to be refunded to you.

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