Bond deduction disputes

I am not happy with the deductions from my bond, what do I do?

Do NOT sign the Disposal of Security Bond form if you are not happy with the deductions outlined. Try and resolve the matter with the owner/agent first. Write a letter to them explaining why you are not happy with the charges and give them a deadline to respond.

If you cannot reach an agreement you can get useful advice and information about what to do next from TenancyWA on 9221 0088 or from the Department of Commerce on 1300 304 054.

If an agreement cannot be reached and it is necessary to seek a court order you will be required to complete and submit a Form 6 (Disposal of Bond Money) but only if you initially completed the correct lodgement of bond form at the beginning of your tenancy. If you didn't, then you will be required to complete Form 12 (Application for court order). Both forms are available from the court. Your local magistrates or district court will be able to advise you on which form to complete and submit.

If a dispute goes to court at the end of a tenancy, the magistrate will make an order as to how the bond money is to be paid out.

To enquire about the nearest court to you and to seek general advice on procedures, contact the Magistrates Court of WA on 9425 2222.

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