Obtaining an award certificate from a ceremony you didn't attend after completing a combined or concurrent course

I have completed a combined or concurrent course and will attend one graduation ceremony. How do I get my other certificate?

You will most likely attend the ceremony relevant to the last qualification completed.

For example, if you have successfully completed a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws combined course, you may choose to attend the ceremony for your Bachelor of Laws award. The Bachelor of Commerce award will be conferred at the Commerce ceremony and you will receive this certificate in the folder with your Bachelor of Laws certificate (as long as the ceremony for the Bachelor of Commerce takes place before the ceremony for the Bachelor of Laws).  Note: At the Law ceremony you will only be announced and called across the stage once for the Bachelor of Laws (LLB) award and are only permitted to wear the LLB hood.

If you choose to attend your Bachelor of Commerce ceremony instead of the Bachelor of Laws you will only receive the certificate for the Bachelor of Commerce as your Bachelor of Laws degree will be conferred after your Bachelor of Commerce ceremony. Your Bachelor of Laws certificate will be mailed to you after the Bachelor of Laws ceremony.

This is one example, if you have any queries regarding your specific course, then please submit an enquiry using "Email Us".

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