Rules to follow in your exam

What are the rules for my exams?


  1. Candidates must obey all instructions relating to the conduct of an examination given by an examination supervisor. Instructions are given prior to the commencement of an examination and candidates should be aware of them, if unclear or unable to hear they should ask the supervisor to repeat the instructions.
  2. For all examinations, students must present their student ID card as a form of photographic identification and verification.
  3. Candidates will not be admitted to an examination room 30 minutes after the examination has commenced except by permission of the supervisor. No additional time is available to students arriving late for an examination.
  4. Candidates will be advised ten minutes before the end that the examination is about to conclude. No candidate will leave their seat until all question papers / answer books have been collected and the announcement is made that candidates may leave the room.
  5. a. Arrangements may be made for a candidate to leave the examination room temporarily under supervision but no candidate will be permitted to leave the examination room until after the expiration of thirty minutes from the commencement of the examination, except in special circumstances.
    b. Where the time of an examination is of one hour duration or less no candidate will be permitted to leave the venue after the commencement of the examination.
    c. Where a candidate has been permitted by the chief supervisor to leave an examination room due to illness, the candidate is accompanied to the Student Health Service by a supervisor.
  6. No communication by word or otherwise between candidates will be allowed in the examination room.  If students are found to be communicating, disciplinary action will be taken.
  7. Candidates requiring anything during an examination should communicate with the supervisor by raising their hand.
  8. Examination candidates may only bring authorised materials into the examination room. If a supervisor finds, during the examination, that you have unauthorised material, in whatever form, in the vicinity of your desk or on your person, whether in the examination room or the toilets or en route to/from the toilets, the matter will be reported to the Head of School and disciplinary action will normally be taken against you. This action may result in your being deprived of any credit for this examination or even, in some cases, for the whole unit. This will apply regardless of whether the material has been used at the time it is found.
    Therefore, any candidate who has brought any unauthorised material whatsoever into the examination room should declare it to the supervisor immediately. Candidates who are uncertain whether any material is authorised should ask the supervisor for clarification.
  9. Candidates must not remove pages from answer books or the answer books from the examination room, such action may be treated under the Discipline Statute 17.
  10. Smoking and, unless authorised, eating is not permitted in any examination venue.
  11. Candidates must write their examination answers in biro or ink. Candidates whose writing is illegible may be required to have their examination answers typed at their own expense or may be recorded as fail.
  12. Any candidate who commits any breach of these rules or is guilty of any misconduct in relation to the examination will be subject to action under Statute 17-Discipline.
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