Availability of ISSU support in obtaining an international undergraduate scholarship

As an international undergraduate student, am I able to get help from the International Sponsored Student Unit (ISSU) in obtaining an international undergraduate scholarship?

The University of Western Australia is keen to help you navigate the sometimes complex area of scholarships, so read the following carefully as it provides a summary of scholarship options available to you.

The ISSU does not offer scholarships on behalf of the University of Western Australia to undergraduate international students. Below are some options available to you as an international undergraduate student:

Option 1: As there are no recurring international undergraduate scholarships available via ISSU, be aware that some Faculty's do, from time to time, offer a specific undergraduate international scholarship to meet a special purpose. Check each faculty web page to find out if there is a scholarship available in the year you intend to study. These scholarships are not common and Student Central is unable to help you with these as application is made direct to the relevant Faculty.

Option 2: The Australian Government has an Australia Awards Scholarship program that may provide undergraduate scholarships to international students. The availability of these international undergraduate scholarships depends upon certain criteria including region/country of origin.

If there is an undergraduate scholarship available, your application is made directly through the Australia Awards Scholarship program.

The University of Western Australia has no influence on whether an application is successful. Because of this, any questions about scholarships are to be made via the contact at the Australia Awards Scholarship program or the Australian Embassy in your country or region.

If you do make a successful application through the Australia Awards Scholarship program, the Australian Government will notify the University of Western Australia of your scholarship. It is only after you have been accepted are we able to provide you with assistance.

Option 3:  Contact your home country government to establish if there are any sponsorships they provide to students to study overseas.

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