Course Materials Online (CMO) explained

What is CMO and how do I access it?

Course Materials Online (CMO) provides online access to course materials identified by Lecturers as being essential for your units. Items listed may include online journal articles, book chapters, ebooks, and examination papers, along with links to books and other items held in the High Demand section or in the main Collections in the libraries. Always sign in to OneSearch to make sure you can access all of CMO.

Note: CMO lists are intended to include essential readings and texts only; recommended readings may need to be located using OneSearch. Contact your unit coordinator if your unit readings are not available online. Some unit coordinators also place a link to their CMO unit in their Learning Management System (LMS) unit. For more information refer to the guides on using CMO for students and for staff.

OneSearch gives you the option to search within Course Materials Online. For example, type your Unit Code in the search box, and select the Course Materials Online option to see essential readings for your unit. Alternatively, you can search within CMO by choosing ADVANCED SEARCH in OneSearch, and selecting the Course Materials Online radio button. For more information, visit the OneSearch Guide.

There is also a radio button that allows you to search past examination papers. The most recent five years of examination papers are available for the majority of units. However, some exam papers do not appear as they have been marked not for publication. The unit coordinator prefers that they not be made available.

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