Short term programs available to UWA students under the Student Exchange Program

Are there short term programs available to UWA students under the Student Exchange Program?

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There are opportunities for short term exchange programs with some of our exchange partners. A list of short term exchange programs can be found on Global Studio. Please note these offerings may change on an annual basis. Short term exchange programs are covered by our exchange agreements, meaning you pay tuition fees to UWA up front or by HECS if eligible (tuition fees are not paid to the host institution). There may, however, be other administration or program costs involved. Consider the cost of housing, flights, and visa applications, as well.

Many short term study abroad opportunities are offered outside of UWA's formal exchange agreements. You can find a selection of these opportunities advertised on Global Studio

UWA Schools also offer other overseas study opportunities which are not part of the formal Student Exchange Program. These may include semester or short-term programs and research or internship/practicum opportunities. These short-term programs are administered by the offering School.

Check the Short-Term Programs page for information about short term programs including how to apply, who to contact, credit points and eligibility. 

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