Student Exchange eligibility for current UWA students

I am a current student at UWA, am I eligible for Student Exchange?

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The semester or year-long Student Exchange Program is open to all UWA students including international students, provided you are in good academic standing and have completed 18 UWA credits.

As a minimum, an exchange student must have successfully completed 18 UWA points of study at the time of application to the Global Learning Office. You are then expected to pass and complete a minimum of 18 UWA points in the following semester. This means you must successfully complete a minimum of 36 UWA credits before you go on exchange, and the earliest you may go on a semester long exchange program as an Undergraduate student is the first semester of the second year of your degree.

Some exchange partners will only consider students who have completed a year and a half of study before their exchange semester (going on exchange in the second semester of second year of your Bachelor Degree or later). This can be seen in the search parameter 'Academic Requirement.' Universities that will consider students who wish to go on exchange in the first semester of their second year will read 'Completion of 18 points.' Universities that will only consider students who wish to go on exchange in the second semester of their second year or later will read 'Completion of 36 points.' 

Exchange places are awarded on a competitive basis, so the better your Weighted Average Mark (WAM), the greater the range of partners which will be accessible to you. Students must remain in 'Good Standing.' You can find your WAM and if you are in Good Standing on studentConnect. For Masters students who attended UWA for their Bachelor's Degree and who have not yet completed any study towards their Master's Degree, we will use the WAM of your Bachelor's Degree when assessing your application.

Some exchange partners will not consider students with a WAM below 65%. This can be seen in the parameter 'Academic Requirement.' Universities which will consider students who have a WAM below 65%, but who remain in Good Standing, will read 'Considers WAM under 65.' Universities that require students to have a WAM of 65% or above will read '65% Weighted Average.' 

MBA and postgraduate students, students going on short-term programs, and students who have transferred to UWA should check the Global Studio brochure of the program they are interested in for information about academic requirements. If the brochure does not list this information, please contact the Global Learning Office.

All overseas studies must be taken on a full-time basis. See our eligibility page for more information.

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