Student Exchange for current UWA MBA students

Where can I go on Student Exchange if I am a current UWA MBA student?

Answer ID 1065 | Last updated on 15/02/2022 11.50 AM

For information on the overseas institutions that offer an MBA program visit the Global Studio Exchange Partners list and select advanced search, followed by 'Master of Business Administration' under 'Disciplines Available.'

You should be aware that inclusion on these lists does not provide automatic approval of a course of study at a partner institution. Approval to study particular units at any institution is always at the discretion of your Student Advising Office and the host university. Where there are limited spaces available for UWA students at an exchange partner, spaces will be allocated based on Weighted Average Mark (WAM).

You should also enquire with the Global Learning Office, and the UWA Business School, as some MBA short term programmes, including UWA Business School-run study tours, take place each year.

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