Going on Student Exchange to a non-English speaking country if you don't speak another language

Can I go on Student Exchange to a non-English speaking country if I don't speak another language?

There are many partner institutions that teach in English in Europe and Asia.

Some courses are taught exclusively in English such as in Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore and Sweden just to name a few. Select exchange partners in Canada offer bi-lingual programs in French and English. Be sure to read each universities profile page on Global Studio for more information regarding language requirements, as well as the university's course catalogue.

The Global Learning Office can assist you in selecting a university which best suits your language abilities. A basic familiarity with the local language spoken at your exchange destination may still be helpful for day-to-day living in some countries, but exchange is also a greater way to build your language skills, whether in a formal classroom setting or otherwise.

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