Length of time you can study on Student Exchange

How long can I study on Student Exchange?

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Most programs are for one or two semesters but there are also some short-term programs (less than one semester).

In the northern hemisphere, where the majority of UWA’s partner universities are located, the academic year follows the following cycle:

  • UWA's Semester 1 (Northern Hemisphere's Winter/Spring): January/February and ends in May/June
  • UWA's Semester 2 (Northern Hemisphere's Fall): August/September and ends in December/January

Although this is quite different to the UWA academic year, most students have been able to easily arrange a study plan which allows them to study overseas and recommence their UWA studies on time when they return.

Universities in Germany and Japan have a very late commencement date which may cause semesters to overlap with UWA semester dates. There also may be some universities where the maximum length of time you can study there is restricted to one semester. Check the Exchange Partner list on Global Studio for more information.

At most host universities you can begin studies in either semester, but there are some exceptions. Check with the Global Learning Office for more details.

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