Going on Student Exchange in your final year

Can I go on Student Exchange in my final year?

It is not always possible for you to go on exchange in the last semester/year of your degree. If this is an option you will need to obtain approval from your Faculty.

If you are completing your UWA degree whilst on exchange there will be implications for when you are able to graduate. Due to differences in semester dates, completing your UWA degree while on exchange will prevent you from graduating at the ceremony immediately following your exchange. This is due to the time taken for UWA to receive your transcript from the host university, and the processing of this transcript.

In the event that your faculty does approve your going on exchange in your final semester and you have core content (units) for your course to complete on exchange, you need to be aware that UWA cannot guarantee that your host university will allow you to enrol in the required units.  Many of our exchange partners place quotas on unit enrolments, and unit availabilities may change at short notice. As such, if you go on exchange in your final semester and have core units left to complete your course completion may be delayed.

Visit the Graduations website for more information including deadlines for applying to Graduate.


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