Unit levels you can study on Student Exchange

What level units can I study on Student Exchange?

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You must gain academic credit for all units you complete on exchange. Your Allocated Course Advising Office will approve these units based on your course requirements.

You can take units that count toward your major/s, satisfy broadening requirements, or are electives. However, you must have your study plan approved by your Allocated Course Advising Office before you leave for exchange, but not before you apply. Study plans may not be guaranteed at your host university for various reasons, including quota restrictions and unit availability. It is important to select and have additional units approved before you leave, to minimise any stress when you arrive.

The host university will also assess your suitability for the units you have selected and must agree to your study plan before you can enrol in any units.

It is important to remember that undergraduate students must complete at least one level three unit from each major at UWA. Contact your Allocated Course Advising Office for advice about your course rules. 

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