Finding units at your host university to fit your UWA Student Exchange course

Where do I find units available at my host university?

Answer ID 1080 | Last updated on 15/02/2022 11.54 AM

In our online Global Studio Database you can find a link to the host university handbook in each university's brochure. Please check the Global Studio brochure in the first instance rather than the host university's website directly, as many host universities have restrictions and not all units may be available to exchange students; often, there is a separate exchange student course catalogue which you must choose your units from.

Also be aware that unit handbooks are often called different things in different countries – they can be called course catalogues, course calendars and module catalogues.

It's your responsibility to research when the course catalogue for the semester you will be studying in will be made available online. Please make a diary reminder of this date to check the updated course catalogue, to see if units you wish to take are available.

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