Requirement to study full time while on Student Exchange

Do I need to study full time while overseas as a UWA student on Student Exchange?

While on exchange you must be enrolled in a course of study at your host university which is equivalent credit to a full academic load at UWA, normally 24 points per semester or 48 points per year. In some countries studying full time is also a visa requirement. At some universities you may be able to study the equivalent of 18 points per semester, check Global Studio for information about a specific university. 
Note: a full-time study load does not always equal a full academic load. Information about the full load requirement at each of the host universities can be found on the Global Learning Office website.

International students will be expected to maintain their Australian student visa obligations.

Any variation to this requires approval from your Student Advising Office before going on exchange.

Do not assume that four units at your host university are equivalent to four UWA units. The full load requirement is relative to workload, not only the number of units. 

Your school will make the final decision on the equivalent full load acceptable at your host university. Be aware that the host universities use terms different from those in use at UWA.

  • Units can be called: Courses, Modules, Subjects or Papers
  • Points can be called: Units, Credits, Credit Hours, ECTS (European Credit Transfer System)

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