Receiving credit for the units studied on Student Exchange

Will I receive credit for the units I study on Student Exchange?

Answer ID 1082 | Last updated on 15/02/2022 11.55 AM

All units studied and approved by your Student Advising Office while on exchange must be for credit towards your UWA degree. It's your responsibility to research the units offered by the host university and to obtain approval for your study list from your Student Advising Office.

You must also complete your host university's standard full-time load for a semester according to the Full Load Requirement Document. Some host universities will allow students to study the equivalent of 18 UWA credits, if you wish to only receive 18 UWA credits. This will be seen in the 'equivalent of 18 UWA credits' column in the 'Recommended Full Academic Load at Exchange Universities' document. 

You will receive an ungraded pass or ungraded fail on your academic transcript for the credit points enrolled in on exchange. A notation will be placed on your Academic Transcript indicating the units studied while on exchange and where applicable, the grade achieved in these units using the host university's grading scale.

Note: Your marks received during your exchange will not be translated into UWA marks so will not factor into calculations for your Weighted Average Mark (WAM); however, an ungraded fail will affect your Grade Point Average (GPA).

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