Centrelink payments while on Student Exchange

Will I receive Centrelink payments while on Student Exchange?

Answer ID 1087 | Last updated on 15/02/2022 11.26 AM

If you are currently receiving Austudy, Abstudy or Youth Allowance payments from Centrelink you may continue to receive these payments if you are considered to be studying full time while abroad.
The Global Learning Office can provide you with a letter to submit to Centrelink to inform them about your participation in the Exchange Program. Once you have received your official acceptance from your host university, a letter can be requested through your Global Studio Applicant Portal. To continue receiving your Centrelink payments while on exchange please ensure that you submit this letter to Centrelink. If you do not your payments may be stopped. Any questions about Centrelink payments should be directed to Centrelink.

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