Working while on Student Exchange

Can I work while on Student Exchange?

Answer ID 1088 | Last updated on 28/04/2022 12.27 PM

Before you go on exchange, you will need to find out about the visa requirements for the country you will be studying in. Different countries have different guidelines regarding work while on a student (or similar) visa. In some countries you cannot work at all, in some countries you can work limited hours and in some countries you can only work on campus.

Having to work to finance your exchange is not recommended or encouraged, as you will be required to undertake a full-time study while on exchange, and one of the aims of exchange is to fully experience the life and culture of your exchange destination. While students may consider a small amount of paid work (where permitted) as a component of that full cultural experience, you should not engage in paid work to an extent that it impacts on the success of your studies or broader exchange experience.

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