Notification of acceptance to go on Student Exchange

How soon will I know if I have been accepted to go on Student Exchange?

Once the Global Learning Office has approved your application for exchange, a Study Abroad Adviser will contact you to notify you of which university you have been allocated to. 

The Student Exchange application process is a two stage process. Once you have submitted your application and been accepted into the UWA program you will be notified by the Global Learning Office, and following that you will need to apply to the Host University. Your Study Abroad Advisor will provide you with instructions on how to apply to the Host University.

Due to the difference in semester dates between UWA and most Host Universities, the outcome of the host university application may not be known until as late as six weeks before their semester starts. Make sure you take this into consideration if you have any ongoing commitments such as lease agreements or you are considering travelling prior to the commencement of your exchange. The Global Learning Office cannot make special requests for early advice on the outcome of applications.

Your host university will make the final decision on your application. There is no guarantee of a place until a formal Offer of Admission is issued from your host university.

Any enquiries about the outcome of your application, or any issue related to your application, must be referred to the Global Learning Office. Unless you have been advised otherwise, do not contact the host university directly.

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