Booking flights for Student Exchange

When should I book my flights for Student Exchange?

Answer ID 1095 | Last updated on 02/05/2022 11.47 AM

Once you have received confirmation of your acceptance into the UWA Student Exchange Program you may wish to start researching flights. However we do not recommend making any fixed travel plans until you receive your acceptance from the host university and have arranged any applicable visas.
At this stage, we advise that students do NOT make any contributions towards flights, program fees, accommodation, visas or any other overseas-study related expenses. We are currently working with internal and external stakeholders on how the return to travel will look like for UWA students and will be contacting relevant students as soon as possible with further updates. The University is committed to continue its efforts to resume overseas opportunities. 

As per the University Travel Policy, you must register your itinerary with Concur (UWA's Travel Management System).

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