Returning from Student Exchange program

What do I do when I get home from my Student Exchange program?

Answer ID 1098 | Last updated on 02/05/2022 11.48 AM

Before you finish your semester, be sure to check the process for receiving your transcript from your host university. Your exchange credit can only be transferred to your UWA degree once we have received the official academic transcript from your host university. Some institutions will send them out automatically while others will require you to request one.  If you receive an official hard copy directly, when you are back, bring it to the Global Learning Office and we'll take a certified copy. A soft copy will only be accepted if it's received directly from the host institution or if it's an official, full-colour PDF. If you need to request one yourself, have them send the transcript directly to the Global Learning Office.

When you return home from exchange, we encourage you to come and visit the Global Learning Office to provide your feedback.

We would encourage you to complete an evaluation form, available in your Global Studio portal, so that you can contribute to the pool of information available to new prospective exchange students. Your host university academic transcript will only be processed once we have received your completed student exchange evaluation form. 

We would also encourage you to apply for the REPs (Returned Exchange Peers) Program, which is a volunteer program to help the Global Learning Office promote exchange to prospective exchange students.

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