Receipt of your transcript from your host university following student exchange

How do I receive my transcript from my host university following my student exchange?
It's important you are aware of the specific process for receiving your exchange transcript from your exchange university, as UWA cannot process your grades without an official transcript. Some universities will send the transcript to UWA automatically. Others may allow only you to request it or require you to approach your professors before you come home. Please check with your exchange university's Study Abroad Office before you leave.
Transfer of credit cannot be processed until an official copy of your transcript is received by UWA's Global Learning Office. If you have received your transcript directly, please bring in the original document for the Global Learning Office to sight and copy. Emailed versions will not be accepted, unless they are sent directly to from the host university.
The grades you receive at your host university will not be translated into UWA grades. You will receive an Ungraded Pass (UP) or an Ungraded Fail (UF) for all the units that you are enrolled in. However, the results of your overseas study (the units, grades and university where you studied) will show in the comments section on your UWA Academic Transcript.
Make sure you have paid all your bills (even the small ones – like library fines!), otherwise you won't receive your host university academic transcript.
Exchange students who are on exchange in their final semester may be unable to apply to graduate in the ceremony immediately after their exchange period. This is due to the graduation deadlines, together with the delay in receiving academic transcripts from the host university, and the time taken to process your credit which is assessed by your Student Advising Office.

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