Special Consideration for PSB students

What is special consideration and how do I apply if I am a Science student studying at PSB?

If you are a student studying at the PSB Academy in Singapore and your attendance or preparation for an examination or other form of assessment is impaired by illness or other exceptional circumstances, you may apply for special consideration.

Special Consideration is required if you have circumstances beyond your control which affect your academic performance. We may consider a range of accommodations such as extensions on assignments, deferred exams, or for rescheduling or exempting you from assessment items such as tests, quizzes, and classes where attendance is compulsory.

You will need to complete an application for Special Consideration. You can download the form, then complete and submit it to the Science Student Office. You will also need to supply evidence of your circumstances.

Submit your completed form and supporting documentation (e.g. appropriate medical or other reports) to the Science Student Office by using "Email Us" no later than 3 university working days after the assessment for which you are requesting special consideration. If the circumstances will have a significant impact on your studies and over a period of more than 5 working days, it is advised that Section 5 or 6 are completed by your doctor or appropriate person of authority as listed in these sections of the form so that we can make an appropriate determination. We can accept electronic or scanned copies of these documents, however you will need to keep and be able to provide the originals (if requested) until you have completed your degree.

It is your responsibility to be familiar with the University Policy on Special Consideration. More information about the application process is available online.

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