Adjustment of marks within the School of Law

Will my Law marks be adjusted, scaled or standardised?

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Juris Doctor
The Law School applies a mandatory graded percentile profile for final grades in all core JD units, except the foundational and skills-based core units Foundations of Law and Lawyering, Dispute Resolution and Commercial Practice. For these skills-based units and JD option units the profile is not mandatory but serves as a guide to profiling results, and it is expected that the cohort being awarded a higher distinction and a distinction in these units will not exceed 50 per cent.
The range of final grades for profiling purposes is:
Min. 2% 85% and above
5 - 15% HD
30 - 40% HD and D
To ensure parity in marking standards, units in the Law and Society and Business Law Majors will be subject to profiling with the award of distinction and higher distinction being awarded to no more than 50 per cent of students in each unit.
Profiling does not apply to higher degree courses.

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