Failing an exchange unit

What happens if I fail an exchange unit?

Answer ID 1438 | Last updated on 02/05/2022 11.48 AM

You will receive an ungraded fail (UF) for the exchange unit, rather than an ungraded pass (UP).  Depending on the weighting of that particular unit (ie how many credit points it's worth at the host institution) your allocated course advising office will need to work out how many UWA credit points it is equivalent to. This will happen when UWA receives the transcript back from the host institution. An Ungraded Fail will affect your Grade Point Average. 

If you fail a unit, then you should consult your Student Advising Office for course advice to clarify if that unit was a prerequisite for a unit at UWA. If you fail 50% or more of the full time load equivalent at the host institution, you may be deemed to have not successfully completed your exchange, in which case you may be required to repay part or all of your Overseas Study Grant, at the discretion of the Global Learning Office.

All of your exchange grades are annotated in the grading system of the host university at the bottom of your official UWA transcript.

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