When to start planning for an exchange

When should I start planning for an exchange?

Answer ID 1465 | Last updated on 02/05/2022 11.49 AM

Advance planning is essential for student exchange, it’s never too early to start thinking about it! You should start planning for a Student Exchange in your first semester of your degree, so you can ensure you meet the eligibility and course progression requirements. You need to apply at the end of your first semester of first year to go on exchange in the first semester of your second year; this is the earliest point to go on exchange. 

Early planning allows you to configure your UWA course plan to accommodate your exchange and ensures that when you want to go, your course at UWA allows it.

It helps if you save your broadening and electives prior to your exchange, as this gives you more flexibility in unit choice while on exchange. It is recommended to discuss participating in exchange as soon as possible with your Student Advising Office, so exchange can be incorporated in your degree structure.

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