Admission to a postgraduate professional degree if you go on exchange

Will going on exchange affect my ability to be admitted into a postgraduate professional degree?

Provided you successfully complete your approved study plan, going on exchange will not negatively impact your ability for entry into a postgraduate professional degree. It is important to note that any results obtained overseas are recorded on a Pass/Fail basis. These units are therefore excluded when calculating your WAM however, a fail will affect your GPA. We encourage you to participate in an exchange during your undergraduate course as you may not have the opportunity to go during your professional postgraduate degree.

If you intend to progress to a postgraduate professional degree immediately upon completion of your undergraduate course, it may be advisable to undertake your exchange prior to your final undergraduate semester. This will help ensure that your progression to the postgraduate course is not delayed, pending the receipt of results from your exchange host university. If you are in a direct pathway, contact your Student Advising Office prior to considering going on exchange in your final semester before starting the postgraduate course.

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