Getting into your preferred universities for exchange

How likely am I to get into the universities of my preference for exchange?

Answer ID 1476 | Last updated on 15/02/2022 11.27 AM

It's not always possible to get your first preference of university due to a number of varying factors. Demand, number of places available, and any Host University restrictions that may affect which university you may be allocated to in any given Semester.

Make sure you pay attention to any restrictions or eligibility requirements for your preferred Universities before applying by checking the Global Studio Host University brochures.

When you apply for exchange you may select up to six university preferences in your application, in order of preference. Some universities are very competitive, therefore, we encourage all students to broaden their horizons and consider other destinations and universities, especially in countries where English is not the primary language, as many universities teach in English or have some units available in English.

If we are unable to place you at one of your six preferences we will contact you with a list of universities that are still available to choose from.

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