Obtaining your FEE-HELP balance

What is my FEE-HELP balance?

Your FEE-HELP balance is the amount of FEE-HELP you are still able to borrow to cover your tuition fees. Your balance is calculated by subtracting the amount you have borrowed for tuition fees using FEE-HELP from the FEE-HELP limit.

From 1 January 2018 you may borrow up to $102,392 for all courses. For medicine, veterinary science and dentistry the FEE-HELP limit is $127,992.

You should keep a record of all Commonwealth Assistance Notices (CAN) that are sent to you. These tell you the total amount of tuition fees in a teaching period that have been paid on your behalf using FEE-HELP.

For a summary of your FEE-HELP usage you can access the myUniAssist pages, through the Study Assist website. Using your CHESSN and other personal identification data, you can view your FEE-HELP usage, most recently recorded balance, and liabilities under HELP as reported to the Department of Education and Training by the University of Western Australia.

There is a time lag between the census date and the date your FEE-HELP loan is registered with DE and the ATO (Australian Taxation Office, Tel: 13 28 61). You will need to take this into account when calculating your FEE-HELP balance.

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