Honours calculations for the Bachelor of Engineering by the Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics

How is the honours grade for my Bachelor of Engineering (pre-2012 course) calculated by the Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics?

The WAM that is used to calculate your honours for the Bachelor of Engineering will be different to the WAM that you see in studentConnect.

The formula used is as follows:

Course Weighted Average = (unit mark x points value x level of unit) / (points value x level of unit)

Your result for your final year project will also have an impact on your honours grade.

Also be aware that if you are in a combined degree, only the Engineering units (that count towards your degree) will be used in the honours calculation.

In the final year of the degree of Bachelor of Engineering all students are enrolled as Pass students.

  • The classification of "Honours" is determined at completion of the course. 
  • All students are given a Final Project that has the scope to earn an Honours degree. 
  • The Final Project is allocated 12 credit points and a percentage mark is recorded for all projects. The student workload associated with the project should be, on average, approximately 25% of the total workload for the final year. 
  • The level of Honours is determined from the Honours Classification Formula, using the Course Weighted Average and the Final Project mark.
  • The Course Weighted Average is calculated from all results for units taken as part of the requirement for the Bachelor of Engineering degree, or equivalent units for the combined degree courses and includes all attempts at those units - for students who have studied part of the course on exchange, the marks awarded by the overseas university will not be included in the Course Weighted Average, but will be taken into account for marginal cases.
  • The Course Weighted Average is the weighted average mark of all units, including the Final Project, where each unit's mark is weighted by its point value and its level. (The level of the unit is indicated by the first digit of the unit code).  Units which are simply graded as "Ungraded Pass" or "Ungraded Fail" are not included.
  • Units taken toward the engineering degree in one course by a student who transfers to another course are included in the Course Weighted Average.  This applies to failed units as well as to units which are credited to the new course.

Each class of honours requires a minimum Course Weighted Average Mark and a minimum mark for the Final Project as follows:

Course Weighted Average Mark 76 71 66
Final Project Mark 70 65 60
  • For students who repeat the Final Project, the mark for the second attempt only will be considered for the minimum performance requirement. However, both results will be included in the calculation of the Course Weighted Average Mark.
  • Students who do not reach the standard required for 2B Honours but who have completed the requirements of the degree are given a "Pass".

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