The difference between a SPOT and SURF

What is the difference between a SPOT and SURF?

The SURF survey focuses on general issues related to any unit, whereas a SPOT survey focuses on issues related specifically to teaching. Both are important as a means to improve learning and teaching at UWA.
The table below outlines the differences between SURF and SPOT in more detail:

Students’ Unit Reflective Feedback (SURF) Student Perceptions of Teaching (SPOT)
Questions focus on the unit. Questions focus on the teaching practices of an individual teaching staff member.
Each SURF survey consists of the same 6 questions set by the University. Each SPOT survey consists of a unique set of questions selected by the Unit Coordinator and/or Tutor.
Each question in the survey is rated on a four-point scale (4=Strongly Agree, 3=Agree, 2=Disagree, 1=Strongly Disagree and there is a Not applicable option). There may be different types of questions used in a SPOT survey. (eg. open-ended questions).
SURF surveys are conducted for all units offered by the University (except those with special circumstances). It is at the discretion of the Unit Coordinator and/or Tutor as to whether there will be SPOT survey for a unit.
Students will receive an automated email notification for each unit advising when it is time to complete the SURF survey via the Blackboard LMS. The Unit Coordinator and/or Tutor will invite students to complete a SPOT survey via the Blackboard LMS when it is ready.
A SURF survey is available to complete typically during the final four weeks of a teaching period (exceptions to this will be made for units that run less than eight weeks). A SPOT survey can be run at any time during the teaching period.
There is only one SURF survey to complete per unit. There may be multiple SPOT surveys to complete for the same unit.
SURF results are available to all UWA students on the SURF Results website. SPOT results are not available to students. SPOT results are confidential to the Unit Coordinator and those teaching in the unit.
SURF feedback can be helpful to students when making decisions on which units to take in following semesters. SPOT feedback offers the Unit Coordinator and/Tutor valuable insight into which teaching aspects of the unit were helpful to students’ learning, and which aspects may need to be improved.
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