Accessing the Students’ Unit Reflective Feedback survey

How do I access a SURF survey?

SURF survey for a particular unit can be accessed via the Blackboard Learning Management System (LMS).

The SURF survey will be available for you to complete typically during the final four weeks of the teaching period (exceptions to this will be made for units that run for less than eight weeks). The SURF response period closes seven days after the teaching period end date.

You will be notified and prompted to complete a SURF survey in two ways:

  1. An email notification containing a link to the survey will be sent directly your designated email address in Blackboard. You will receive an email notification for each unit that you are enrolled in. For example, if you are enrolled in four Semester 2 units, then you will receive four separate SURF notification emails.

    Note: You will receive an email reminding you to complete the survey every seven days. You will stop receiving the reminder email once the survey is completed or the end of the SURF period is reached.
  2. A notification message including the survey link will be displayed at the top of each Blackboard LMS unit that you are enrolled in.

If you experience a technical problem when attempting a complete a SURF survey, use “Email Us” to submit an enquiry to the Library for Student IT assistance.

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