Fixing a timetable clash after the teaching period starts

What do I do if I find a timetable clash after my teaching period starts?

You should first check whether you can resolve the clash yourself by changing to another time in CAS as the clash may involve classes for which other time slots are available.

If the classes at other suitable times are showing as 'full', you should contact the unit administrator using the contact details provided in CAS to ask whether it is possible to obtain a place in the 'full' class. Your CAS unit administrator contact details will be visible in the "Message" box which will appear above the available class times when you click on an activity in CAS.

If the clash involves a lecture, and there are no alternative times available, you may have the option of watching an online recording of the lecture via LMS (Learning Management System). Check your unit outline before taking this option to ensure all lectures for your unit are recorded.
Note: this option only applies to some lectures - other class types (e.g. tutorials and laboratories) will not be recorded and are usually compulsory to attend.

If there are no alternative options for either of the clashing classes, contact the Transition Services team via Email Us function on this website and selecting 'Timetable or Class Allocation Help' from the drop down list, or your CAS unit administrator using the instructions above, for assistance.

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