What to do with an INVALID unit

Why do I have an INVALID unit, how do I fix it?

If any of your units have an INVALID status when you enrol on studentConnect, it may be because:
  • you have not fulfilled the prerequisites required to study the unit
  • you are not permitted to take the unit in your current course
  • your qualifications are not recorded on studentConnect, or
  • there is a quota (limited number of places) for the unit
If you want to enrol in the unit but the unit is INVALID, then:
  • attend lectures, laboratories, tutorials and other classes until you have received advice from your Student Office. INVALID units are normally followed up automatically by your student advisor and you will be contacted (via your student email account) and advised whether you can continue with the unit, or if you need to choose a different unit.
  • register for classes via the Class Allocation System (CAS).
If you do not want to enrol in the INVALID unit then you can you can delete the unit from your enrolment via studentConnect.
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