Completing the pronunciation of your name in the Confirmation of Attendance

How do I complete the pronunciation of my name in the Confirmation of Attendance?

At the ceremony the presenter, usually your Dean &/or Head of School, will read out your name in full just before you cross the stage. If your name is not a common one in Australia or difficult to pronounce it is helpful to provide the presenter with some guidance.

Below are some examples of pronunciation:

Paul Harvey von Bergheim   =   Paul Harvey von Berg-hime
Hooi Peng Soon   =   Hoo-ee P-eng S-oon
Rebecca Malkkah Lachovitzki   =   Rebecca Mul-ka Lah-koh-vitz-kee

You can also visit the website Pronounce Names for further assistance.

The presenter will read out your full name as it appears on your degree certificate. Please do not:

  • Include nicknames or abbreviations in your pronunciation; if you do, it will be changed.
  • Write your full name in your pronunciation. Write the pronunciation or leave it blank.
  • Include 'sounds like' or 'rhymes with' in your pronunciation; if you do, it will be deleted.

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