Completing the pronunciation of your name in the Confirmation of Attendance

How do I complete the pronunciation of my name in the Confirmation of Attendance?

At the ceremony the presenter, usually your Executive Dean, will read out your name in full just before you cross the stage. If your name is not a common one in Australia or difficult to pronounce it is helpful to provide the presenter with some guidance.

Below are some examples of pronunciation:

Paul Harvey von Bergheim   =   Paul Harvey von Berg-hime
Hooi Peng Soon   =   Hoo-ee P-eng S-oon
Rebecca Malkkah Lachovitzki   =   Rebecca Mul-ka Lah-koh-vitz-kee

You can also visit the website Pronounce Names for further assistance.

The presenter will read out your full name as it appears on your degree certificate. Please do not:

  • Include nicknames or abbreviations in your pronunciation; if you do, it will be changed.
  • Write your full name in your pronunciation. Write the pronunciation or leave it blank.
  • Include 'sounds like' or 'rhymes with' in your pronunciation; if you do, it will be deleted.

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