Timetable and CAS help for postgraduate students

I am a postgraduate student. Where can I get help doing my timetable and class registration?

Answer ID 2156 | Last updated on 30/05/2022 12.42 PM

Organising your timetable is your responsibility at UWA. Once you have enrolled in your units, you will use the Class Allocation System (CAS) to choose your classes and create your timetable. 

Further Assistance
There are drop-in help sessions for new students (during enrolment and orientation) if you need additional assistance. Dates and times can be found on the UniStart website. If you are feeling totally overwhelmed by the process of organising your timetable on CAS, contact the Transition Services team via Email Us who will be able to assist you.

For times outside of these drop-in sessions you can go in person to the Information Desk in any subject library.

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