Orientation activities for postgraduate students

What is Orientation and are there activities for postgraduate students?

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Orientation (O-Week) is held on campus the week before classes start each semester. It is designed for new students to meet other students, find your way around campus, find out important course information and make a smooth transition into your postgraduate studies. You can find details of all the activities taking place during O-Week on the UniStart website.

There may be course-specific activities you are required to attend. Depending on your course, these may be held in the lead-up to O-Week, during O-Week itself or during the first week of classes. Make sure you check out the UniStart website to find out what you need to attend and to create your personalised Orientation schedule.

Special non-course activities are planned each day and you are strongly encouraged to attend. These include the Welcome Ceremony (your official welcome to the University), information sessions, which includes information on support services and tips on study and research. Try and attend the postgraduate social event as well - this is a great opportunity to meet other new students and support staff.

You can also participate in a Campus Tour, led by a current student, designed to help you find your way around campus. It's a great chance to meet other new postgraduate students and learn your way around.

The Guild O-Day Festival, in Semester 1, is one of the largest events organised by the Guild for new students, and is a great opportunity to sign up to clubs and societies. James Oval is a hive of activity with Guild Clubs and School Societies, sporting groups and other community groups providing information and displays about their various programs and what's available for students. Music and food, giveaways and promotions add to the festival atmosphere.

All commencing postgraduate students are strongly encouraged to attend Orientation, even if you have studied at UWA before. You can find your personalised Orientation schedule on the UniStart website.

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