UniMentor for postgraduate students

What is UniMentor and can I have a mentor if I am a postgraduate student?

Answer ID 2159 | Last updated on 30/05/2022 03.34 PM

UniMentors are postgraduate students from a similar area of study who can provide advice and information to help you settle into your postgraduate studies. Mentors can be provided to commencing postgraduate coursework and research students. If you did your undergraduate degree at UWA you may have had a mentor in your first year to help you settle into University - in the same way, a postgraduate UniMentor can help you make the transition to postgraduate study.

Along with other commencing students from your area of study, you will have the chance to meet up on a regular basis with your mentor or just ask them questions whenever you need to. Your UniMentor can stay in contact with you throughout your transition to your new course, and they have lots of great tips and advice to get you through.

Commencing postgraduate students will receive an email invitation to join UniMentor before you commence your studies. You can also sign up at any time during the first 6 weeks of your studies and can opt out at any time. If you missed getting a mentor and would like to have a mentor, you can contact the Transition Services team via Email Us to request one.

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