Single and double majors in Economics

What is the difference between the Economics and Professional Economics majors?

The Professional Economics is a double major made up of 14 major units instead of the usual 8, which allows for more in depth study of economics. This is a good option for those considering an honours degree and an elite career for example with the RBA or Treasury. It is an option for those who wish to become professional economists and are certain about that career from the start.

The Economics single major is a good option for those who have a more general career in mind in government or business and want a good understanding of how the economy works and how business can survive changes in markets and government policy.

It is strongly recommended that potential honours students who are enrolled in the Economics single major take the unit ECON2271 Business Econometrics. It is also highly desirable for such students to enrol in at least two of the following Level 3 Economics units:

  • ECON3272 Intermediate Mathematics for Economists
  • ECON3302 Applied Microeconomics
  • ECON3303 Applied Macroeconomics

For more information on both of these majors, review the UWA Handbook.

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