Requesting timetable changes for PSB Singapore

Where can I get information about my timetable at PSB Singapore and can I change my timetable due to work commitments?

Information about your timetables will be published on the PSB Academy website two weeks before the start of each teaching period.

If you need to make changes to your Lab times due to clashes with your work commitments, in the first instance, you should try and negotiate study leave or an alternate roster with your employers. If your employer is unable to accommodate your request, you must contact PSB Academy at least one week before the commencement of the teaching period to request changes. If you require further information regarding your timetable contact the PSB Academy Student Services Centre.

Note: There is no guarantee your request will be approved, however it is strongly recommended you contact PSB with your request as soon as possible once the timetables are available.

If you are unable to change your time table or swap your allocated lab groupings, you may seek Special Consideration. You will need to submit the application in a timely manner, along with relevant documentary evidence in support of your request as per the University Policy on Special Consideration. You can read more information about the application process here. It is your responsibility to be familiar with the policy on Special Consideration.

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