Unable to see results on studentConnect

Why can't I see my results on studentConnect?

If you have an outstanding debt with the University for any of the following reasons, you will be unable to view your results until this fee has been paid. An outstanding debt is called an encumbrance.

  • Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF)
  • Library fines (these are not displayed on studentConnect, please contact the library)
  • Unpaid international tuition fees
  • Unpaid campus cards fee
  • Unpaid field trips
  • Unpaid late enrolment fees

There will usually be a Statement of Account on studentConnect where you can view your payment options but if you are unsure, contact us at Student Administration for clarification.

There may be other encumbrances that are placed on your record by your School, for example loan of equipment. Please contact the relevant School for further information about these types of encumbrances as Student Administration are unable to remove these from your record.

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