Language unit requirements for Bachelor of Philosophy (Hons) students

Do I have to study a language if I am a Bachelor of Philosophy (Hons) student?

Answer ID 2348 | Last updated on 17/01/2023 12.39 PM

As a Bachelor of Philosophy (Hons) student you must study at least ONE language unit during your degree. You can choose from any of the languages offered at UWA. There is no particular year that the language unit must be taken in and it is not necessary to choose a language as a major or to study language units for the entire duration of your degree.

For example:

  • If you take a single unit of Chinese in semester 1 of your 1st year and then decide not to continue with any more Chinese units in semester 2 - you have met the language requirement.
  • If you take Italian as your major and study multiple Italian units every year of your degree - you have met the language requirement.

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