Honours requirement for the Bachelor of Philosophy

Do I have to study Honours if I am a Bachelor of Philosophy (Hons) student?

The fourth year of the Bachelor of Philosophy (Hons) course is an Honours year, which takes the form of a research dissertation and a number of coursework units. The Bachelor of Philosophy (Hons) course is designed to equip you with many of the required skills before your Honours year starts.

For example:

  • You may have been particularly inspired during a Music lecture by a question posed by a Music Professor whilst in your 3rd year of study. For your Honours you could work with that Professor to try and answer the question.
  • You may have done a research project with a Biochemistry Professor in your 2nd year of study. For your Honours you may decide to work with that Professor in an expanded version of the same project.
  • You may have read an interesting article published by a Political Science Professor. For your Honours you could work on a similar project that the Professor has been interested in exploring.

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