Research placement requirement for the Bachelor of Philosophy (Hons)

Do I have to complete a research placement if I am a Bachelor of Philosophy (Hons) student?

You must complete a Research Placement in your 2nd year if you are a Bachelor of Philosophy (Hons) student. The Academic Coordinator will work with you to locate an appropriate supervisor within your discipline (it does not have to be your major). You may choose to do another Research Placement in your 3rd year.

For example:

  • The Fancy Research Institute runs a regular summer program for science students. You apply and are accepted into a waiting project. You later present your findings at a local conference and submit a Research Portfolio to the BPhil Office.
  • You are interested in work done by an Education Professor, even though you are a Music student. You help write an article evaluating teaching practices in the Music School. You then present the process of article writing to the other BPhil students and submit a Research Portfolio to the BPhil Office.
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