Updating your contact address details

I no longer have access to update my address details via studentConnect. What do I do?

Answer ID 236 | Last updated on 05/02/2023 10.08 PM

If you have not accessed studentConnect for a while you may need to reset your Pheme account using your student ID and date of birth. If you have forgotten your password click the link Forgotten your password and follow the instructions to reactivate your account.

It is important you update your address details as this is the address we use to send paper or formal documents to you.

If you have completed your course over 12 months ago, it’s likely your Pheme account has expired. In this case, contact the Graduations Team via Email Us and we'll send you a Change of Address Form to update your details.

For security reasons we do not accept change of address details by phone or email.


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