Overloading in Science program at PSB Academy

I am a UWA student completing a Science program at PSB Academy. Can I enrol in more than 1 unit in a single teaching period?

As a student at PSB Academy pursuing a UWA Faculty of Science program, normally you would enrol in only 1 unit per teaching period. Overloading by enrolling in 2 units in a single teaching period is not usually permitted.

You may be given approval to overload as a last option. Approval to do so is made on a case by case basis and is subject to the discretion of the Faculty Associate Dean, Teaching and Learning. The following factors are taken into consideration:

  • Academic Capability - To be considered for approval to overload, it is required you maintain an overall WAM greater than 65% for at least the 4 preceding units with no failed units in those teaching periods.
  • Timetable Clashes - Sometimes, there may be significant timetable clashes between the units you want to study concurrently. If the clashes cannot be resolved then you will not be permitted to overload.
  • Other Factors - You will need to commit to either negotiating study leave from work (if working) or commit to manage both work and study schedules. No work related Special Consideration will be allowed. Special Consideration may be considered only on the basis of medical or extenuating (non work related) circumstances.

To seek overload in any given teaching period at PSB Academy, you will need to complete and submit a Special Approval form, citing appropriate grounds and providing supporting documentation. Submit the form to the Science Student Office via "Email Us".

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